Promoting Microenterprising, Providing Opportunities, Creating Independence  

Artists With Autism

A Not for profit Networking Group for aspiring artists on the autism spectrum


(Photo: Leslie K, micro-enterprise business owner ) We help to provide self-employment opportunities for individuals on the autism spectrum to become  successful entrepreneurs. Leslie K creates her own fabric handbags and eyeglass cases and is learning how to be independent.

Gallery : The Festival Flea Market

2900 West Sample Road, Pompano Beach, Florida (Booth #1519 Acapulco West)

Phone: 954-895-2786

Open 7 days: 10:00am - 5:00pm

  Artists with Autism, Inc  provides self-employment opportunities and training for aspiring artists with autism to become self-sufficient, independent entrepreneurs. 

 Our purpose is to Promote a

Micro -enterprising philosophy to encourage entrepreneurship.   We provide Opportunities for artistic expression, whereby

creating independence

contributing to the community.

  The Artists With Autism display  in many local galleries and shared space of institutions that support our vision of Inclusion in the Arts.

 We promote micro-business ownership for individuals with disabilities.  Our Entrepreneurship Program helps students "aged-out" of high school learn how to become independent Artist  entrepreneurs, and is the main focus of the Gallery.


 Our Gallery is located at the Festival Flea Market (enter West Entrance Booth #1519) in Pompano Beach, Florida.  The Gallery is used as  a training facility for aspiring artists wanting to learn how to market and develop there own art business. It includes a training program assessment that is used to help prepare and teach individuals the basic tools needed for entrepreneurship and to evaluate their readiness and aptitude to embark on their own micro-enterprise business venture.


   Our main goal is to provide guidance, expertise, and venue resources to aspiring artists with autism. All artists conduct and maintain their own personal micro-enterprise business when participating at local art events where their art is promoted and retain 100% of their sales. Their art is made available for purchase Print On Demand in a VIRTUAL GALLERY.

We support the neurodiversity movement. Neurodiversity refers to the idea that people experience the world differently based on their neurological attributes, and is a variation of human wiring and not a disease to be cured