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Artists With Autism

A Not for profit Networking Group for aspiring artists on the autism spectrum


Autism Art exhibit at Bank in Wellington

Posted on July 24, 2015 at 11:45 AM

June 2015

Art in public places helps to enrich our communities and form long lasting relationships with our local businesses. The practice of art in public places allows artists to share their creative expression for public enjoyment and helps to inspire creativity in all.

Andrea Kalina, Assistant Vice President at Amtrust Bank in Wellington, Florida invited Artists with Autism, Inc. to exhibit artwork to help raise awareness for autism. On display at the bank, covering the walls, are over thirty pieces of artwork showcasing the works of artists with autism. The artwork includes digital art by Jayson Halberstadt, acrylics by Brandon Drucker, Keith Rebarber, Leah Nesenmen, Andres Pola, watercolor art by Norval Hall, and photography by Sarah Rollins.

A private reception was held for the bank employees to meet and greet the artists with the opportunity to purchase an original piece of artwork to take home.

Art in the workplace is a movement that has seen positive impacts benefiting the employees and the community. The employees enjoy a fresh new look, and the artists enjoy the opportunity to share their talents.

Elaine Halberstadt is curator for the Autism Art exhibit at Amtrust and hopes it will spark an interest in other organizations to provide opportunities for aspiring artists with autism. As the grandmother of one of the participating artist, she has seen the impact her grandson has had by being a member of Artists with Autism. Jayson is one of the original founding members and an emerging digital artist. Mrs. Halberstadt says, “Jayson has become much more social” since being part of Artists with Autism.

The Autism Art exhibit is expected to remain for the month of June with new pieces added each week.


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