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After High School, Then What?

Posted on December 8, 2014 at 9:50 PM

What happens when your autistic child finally ages out of the public school system? Brandon has been relentless applying for jobs for the past several years. He has applied at all the places that he interned at while in the Community –Based Instruction program in high school. But, now those same establishments either do not, or will not, hire him as a regular employee. Upon finishing his last year at high school at age 22, he was extremely fortunate to be one of 67 students chosen to participate in the brand new pilot program offered by the Marino Foundation. The Marino Campus offers a post-secondary education for students with autism.

 The South Florida autism community has had the benefit of having this organization in their backyard raising awareness and funds for autism. The Founder, Dan Marino is known as one of the greatest quarterbacks in football history and has an adult son with autism.

 Brandon was enrolled in the Entrepreneur Program at The Marino Campus. The program was demanding and required a college level of maturity and a business mentality. These requirements were neither easily met, nor understood at Brandon’s comprehension level. I was made aware of his limitations, and was made to realize, that as much as he continues to progress every day, he still needs a different way of teaching in order for him to learn. He completed the program. It was a phenomenal life experience. It was also a reality check for me. He cannot be expected to learn in a typical learning environment.

I am proud of his accomplishments, and he is learning that with each new achievement, will bring him closer to his many personal dreams and goals. He completed the Marino Campus receiving a certificate in Entrepreneurship and recognition for “Most Original"

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