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Artists With Autism

A Not for profit Networking Group for aspiring artists on the autism spectrum

 Founding Members

Artists with Autism was founded with four aspiring artists who met through a social meeting, their parents had shared a similar vision; "how to promote their artistic abilities".  At the time, their ages ranged from 16 to 20. All the young men were self-taught artists with their own unique style. Since our inception we have grown to more than 20 local Florida artists, and 30 more artists from across the globe.
Brandon Drucker was diagnosed with autism at age three. Drawing had been his means of communication when he was a non verbal young child and continues to be his outlet for expressing his ideas and thoughts. He enjoys creating storybooks with his creative drawings, exhibiting art at local events, and is a registered artist with VSA. His other interests include participating as an athlete for the Special Olympics competing in alpine skiing. He enjoys karaoke,  learning and singing Spanish as a second language. He is the 2012 recipient of the CEC "yes I Can!" award in academics for his abilitiy to teach himself Spanish, and the 2015 Autism Society America, Palm Beach Impact Award winner for "The Most Outstanding Individual on the Spectrum" He is featured in the book; The Art of Autism,Shifting Perceptions by Debra Hosseini, and is the author of "Friends of Brennan" and "The Diary of an autistic kid". His poetry is featured in the book "Uncommon Minds". In 2014 Brandon started a fashion line of ladies dresses with his art.  Follow him on hisBLOG. Visit his GALLERY

Jayson Halberstadt was diagnosed at age five with autism/aspergers. He has lived in New Jersey, Florida and Pennsylvania. He studied Cartooning under the direction of former Disney Animator, Al Baruch. He's been published in Virge Magazine, Asperkids: Not Your Average Coloring Book and Uncommon Minds. His artwork has been exhibited in several South Florida galleries, as well as The SOHO Gallery for Digital Art in NYC.  He's created logos, advertisements and Art for various charitable organizations and has received recognition from some of his heroes such as Derek Jeter and Geddy Lee. He is interested in pursuing a career in Animation and Illustration. 

"My art is mostly digital cartoons. I use two computer programs called Paint tool SAI, and Photoshop. The first step I do is a free hand sketch drawing on paper or with my digital Wacom pen tablet which is connected to my computer. This allows me to see the sketch immediately on my computer screen as I draw it. Next I outline the hand sketch in Paint Tool SAI, then color and shade it in Photoshop. Depending on what the characters are doing, I decide on what to draw for a background which I create in Photoshop. On average, the process from sketch to completion takes approximately four hours. "  Visit his  virtual GALLERY .

Andres Pola was born in Boston Massachusetts. He was diagnosed with autism at age 7. At that time he was non verbal and academically delayed. With the support of great teachers and family he has made amazing progress in all  areas. He is currently in his senior year of high school and plans to apply for college programs in animation and illustration. At age 14 he developed a love of drawing Anime and Cartooning. He is an advocate for young children with autism and is a recipient of the  Leadership Award by Just Do It Awards. He has co-authored and illustrated the book "What's Wrong with Papa?" - an autism survival story based on his life. He is currently illustrating a childrens book about his life. Visit hisGALLERY

Joseph Michael Vidal was born in Arlington Virginia and moved to Florida when he was seven years old.  He started drawing at the age of two and was diagnosed with autism at age three.  He draws different shapes, logos, ads, books, cards, and many more. Later he was introduced to the computer which became his best toy.  Currently he is a student at Broward college where he is studying graphic design.  He is featured in the book; The Art of Autism, Shifting Perceptions by Debra Hosseini. But, his big dream is to become a cartoonist, inspired by his mentor and best friend, former Disney animator, Al Baruch.  Visit his GALLERY

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