Promoting Microenterprising, Providing Opportunities, Creating Independence  

Artists With Autism

A Not for profit Networking Group for aspiring artists on the autism spectrum


Our mentors include parents, grandparents, teachers and friends who help our artists learn basic vocational skills and entrepreneurial methods while volunteering at our Gallery and Gift Boutique. We do not require any specialized degrees, only the willingness and desire to help our artists become successful self-employed business owners. 

We provide the aspiring artists on the autism spectrum the opportunity to show and sell their art at public events to help them learn business skills and social skills. We have seen how much these artists have improved in their communication and self esteem because of the admiration and support they have received from the community. It is apparent these positive experiences have contributed to their overall improvement in all areas of their lives. 

Our artists are still developing as young entrepreneurs and learning how to make their talent a lucrative business. We always welcome new mentors who may be  professional and emerging artists, business professionals, students and any persons who have a desire to help people with disabilities. Mentors work side by side with a single artist on a selected day while the artist is working at the Training Gallery located at Festival Flea Market  (booth #1519 Acapulco- west entrance)  If your schedule permits you to help one of our artists on a given day in the month as a mentor, please contact us.  As a mentor you will be required to assist the artist in his/her daily business activities during the operational hours of the selected date of your choice. ( Open 7 days  10am-5:00pm) These activities may include: helping the artist with money transactions, suggest selling techniques, and discuss appropriate customer relationships.  We look forward to hearing from you to discuss the rewards that may benefit you to become an Artist With Autism Mentor.

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